Young Bego
Young Bego, the youngest of a family with 2 sons, was born in 1992 in Kırklareli. His characteristic features did not take long to nurture due to his strong communication with his 5 years older brother and he got to know sub-cultures such as rock and punk at young ages with the help of his brother. Young Bego, who spent his primary and middle school years with listening to the tapes of rock, punk and nu-metal which he acquired from his brother, has discovered hip hop when he was in high school. He dived into the culture with the help of names such as Eminem and 50 Cent and then started writing his own lyrics in the following years. In 2008, he made his first record in a studio established by various local rappers in Kırklareli during that period and started publishing his records over the internet through MySpace. He contacted Khontkar in 2012 and was introduced to Trap music. Young Bego, who moved to Izmir for college education in 2013 has joined RedKeys Music in 2014 and released his first mixtape album, Digital Dreams. Simultaneously, he released many singles under RedKeys Music. In 2016, he released Mobster League for the common mixtape album project with Metth, who has been continuing his works under RedKeys Music. After 1 year, he was featured in a total of 7 tracks in RedKeyGang la Familia collection album. Currently, he is working on his first market album.


🔴  90' DAKİKA

🔴  90' Dakika