The musician from İzmir who started his musical career with guitar in high school, later on continued as a guitarist in various rock, metal bands. While he was working over the compositions he made during this time, he also focused on vocal skills. Later, he was accepted to Dokuz Eylül University Musicology faculty in 2014 which aided him to be trained in piano, solfege and harmony whilst vastly helping him in gaining music culture and knowledge.

Getting to know and listening to various musical genres during these times have expanded his aesthetic view. In 2018 he leaned towards the synthesizer-based music that carriers the musical and visual aesthetics of 80s which he followed for a long time. He started working on Turkish lyrics without being limited to a single genre.

With being included in RedKeys Music in 2019, he presented his first single called "Boş Kafa" from his EP that will be published this August called "Kurmaca".


🔴  90' DAKİKA

🔴  90' Dakika